EASY FEED: Eco-aquaponics systems – 100% sustainable and profitable EU fish-farming

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Project abstract

EASY FEED will validate the use of an innovative aquaculture organic feed formula, based on locally grown quinoa and spirulina, to reduce the aquaculture sector’s dependence on marine resources.

After a successful SME Phase I execution that served us to confirm the validity and feasibility of our innovative fish feed on a small scale as a solution to decrease the dependence of the aquaculture sector on marine resources, and after reaching a rating of 6 according to the scale of Technology Readiness Level (TRL6) we want to go a step further to validate its use on an industrial scale, which will allow us to market with an unique final product (IV and V range tilapia-based products) obtained in the most organic and sustainable way. For this purpose, we consider the construction of a plant for the production of Spirulina and a green house for the culture of quinoa, the main necessary raw materials for the manufacturing of our fish feed, to be delivered to our partners in Portugal (SPAROS), who will be responsible for making the EASYFeed, and that ultimately, will be used to grow our fish (Tilapia) in our facilities in Murcia, Spain. Thus, we guarantee the continuity of the Inapro project funded by the E.C, obtaining a sustainable fish (tilapia) with a guaranteed quality to be used for the development of new formats (fish sticks, hamburgers, frankfurter and tilapia with vegetables ready-to-eat dishes) that will open new doors for the commercialisation of our tilapia´s products in the EU markets (TRL9).

Project duration
01/01/2019- 31/12/2020
Project acronym
Call ID
EASME/EMFF/2017/ - Sustainable Blue Economy
SPAROS (Portugal)
EU contribution
438.563,00 EUR

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