DEMO-BLUESMARTFEED: Demonstration project of a smart technology for monitoring the delivery of feed for a sustainable aquaculture

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Project abstract

DEMO-BLUESMARTFEED will validate the SICA technology (Smart System for Feeding Control) to monitor and optimise aquaculture feed supply, hence reducing feed waste.

The aim of this proposal is to validate the SICA technology (“Sistema Inteligente de Control de la Alimentation” that in English means “Smart System for Feeding Control”) in two real environments (offshore cages) in Spain and Greece. Fish feed is the main production cost (40-50 %) for any fish farming company. Wastes of non- eaten feed reduce fish farming profitability while increasing the waste load in the environment and costs related to the maintenance of the facilities. Thus, application of new technologies is necessary to optimize food supply. Despite technological advances for the control of feed delivery, its efficiency is still far from optimal, actually. Actual technology for monitoring feed supply is based on vision (cameras) and acoustic devices. These systems are expensive and often unattainable for producers and require a great effort for maintenance particularly in organically-enriched marine environments, SICA technology can minimize the waste of non-eaten feed and allow fish farmers save up to 53 M€ annually in feed only in the main EU five fish farmed. SICA technology can also minimize the environmental impact of aquaculture by reducing the volume of wastes generated from non-eaten feed in more than 50 855 tonnes per year. Therefore, SICA contributes to the development of sustainable aquaculture, which is priority for the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean, thus, the project will support the European strategy of improving aquaculture in the Mediterranean.

SICA has been developed and tested until TRL6 under the SMARTFEED project funded by FEDER funds (FEDER - INTERCONECTA 20151, 2014ES16RFOP001) and capitalizes the knowledge on ML algorithms applied to passive acoustic acquired in the FP7 NEXOS2 (OCEAN-2013,2, Grant Agreement 614102), and the skills obtained on FP7 AQUATRACE3 (KBBE-Theme 2: Grant agreement 311920) and FP5 AQUACURE (LIFE QUALITY- , Gran Agreement Q5CR-2002-71272). The main result after the project will be the SICA technology ready for commercialization (TRL 9) by one year after the project ends.

Project duration
01/01/2019- 31/12/2021
Project acronym
Call ID
EASME/EMFF/2017/ - Sustainable Blue Economy
Asociación Centro Tecnológico Naval y del Mar, CTN (Spain)
Piscifactorías Albaladejo SL, PISCIALBA (Spain)
EU contribution
740.615,00 EUR

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