COS-PPI-2018-2-01: Co-financing of consortia for public procurement of innovation

Given the significance of public procurement in the EU economy, the use of more innovation-oriented procurement can be a major contributor to the wider ambition of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth as well as potentially boosting the overall development of innovative companies in Europe.

This call for proposals is expected to contribute to a significant increase in the proportion of SMEs that have access to the public procurement market. It will also increase the visibility and awareness of the advantages of procuring innovation for a constantly increasing greater number of public buyers.


This call for proposals has three main objectives.

  1. Encourage cooperation between public buyers to promote the use of public procurement to contribute to the development of innovation.
  2. Use public procurement as a mechanism to pilot innovation in areas of strong public interest such as, for instance, clean energy (contributing to Paris targets for fighting climate change) or healthcare. This will in turn encouraging innovative EU companies, in particular SMEs, to develop new solutions to address societal challenges.
  3. Link and establish synergies with research and innovation projects funded by the EU (via Horizon 2020, COSME or EU funding programmes) whenever possible.

Type of activities

This call for proposals aims at setting up consortia of public buyers from at least two eligible countries.  The consortia must design and implement a public procurement for innovation (PPI) action. The public buyers in the consortia will procure the identified innovative solution(s), possibly in a joint manner, in full compliance with EU and national public procurement rules.

Applicant consortia must demonstrate that the envisaged procurement solution(s) will be new to the public buyer, that the solutions are not yet available on a large-scale commercial basis and that the solution(s) can be of interest to public buyers in other EU Member States.

Submission of proposals

The deadline for electronic submission is 11 December 2018 at 17:00 hours (Brussels time).

Access the Participant Portal to draft and submit proposals. Please note that the planned opening date is 11 July 2018.


The consortium has to be composed of a minimum of two public buyers from two different eligible countries.

Consortia are encouraged to include a limited number of public buyers (i.e. no more than six or seven), since more extensive and complex partnerships have in the past tended to produce lower levels of engagement of individual partners and narrower areas of mutual interest.

Other organisations who are not public buyers and meet the eligibility criteria may join a consortium as the partners see fit.

Important Notice

For any technical problems encountered with the submission system, please contact the Service desk: Tel: +32 (2) 29 92222 (during office hours).

The electronic submission reference for this call is COS-PPI-2018-2-01.

Information event

A general "COSME Info Day: Opportunities to Participate in Calls for Proposals" took place on 11 June 2018 at the EASME offices in Brussels. Further information is available online

Partner and previous projects search

If you are looking for partners to apply to this call, you may wish to consider  using the Cordis database where you have the option to create partnership requests. For people who already have a Partner profile in Cordis database, they can select a specific COSME call when they create a partnership request. Each partnership request will then show up as being associated to the call to attract others interested in the same call.

In the case you do not have a profile, you can create one. Should you encounter any difficulties with the Cordis database, please contact the Cordis helpdesk.

You may also contact your nearest Enterprise Europe Network expert who could assist you in finding potential partners.

Another useful source of information on past and existing projects co-financed under COSME is also available through the COSME Hub.


EASME is available to answer questions relating to the content of the present call for proposals. All questions must be sent by e-mail to:

Answers to questions received will be published at regular intervals on this webpage (see FAQ document below).

Information to applicants on the results of the evaluation

EASME expects to be able to inform applicants on the outcome of the evaluations during the course of the second quarter of 2019.

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