COS-ENTEDU-2014-4-06 - Entrepreneurship Education (Pan-European Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative)

COS-ENTEDU-2014-4-06 - Entrepreneurship Education (Pan-European Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative)

The call is closed.


This call aims to support entrepreneurial education and training and intends to boost the growth and business creation, to give our youth the necessary entrepreneurial knowledge and skills and to educate the future generations of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship education is about encouraging creative thinking and promoting a strong sense of self-worth, initiative and a tolerance of failure. Entrepreneurial learning should be available to every pupil/student in every school.

Submission of proposals

The deadline for electronic submission is 20 August 2014 at 17.00 hours (Brussels time).

The electronic submission reference for this call will be COS-ENTEDU-2014-4-06.

In the coming days a link will be made available on this page to access the Participant Portal where you will be able to fill in the data online and upload all necessary documents. Please refer to the Guide for applicants, not yet finalised, before starting the electronic submission.

Additional information for applicants


Potential applicants should address questions related to the content of this call by e-mail to EASME-COSME-ENTEDU-CALL-2014@ec.europa.eu.

Only questions sent to this functional mailbox will be answered.

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