Communicating your results

Communicating your results

Communication of project results is an important part of an IEE project. The IEE programme aims to spread best practice and maximise the uptake of good ideas across Europe - projects have to share their achievements with the right people via a range of communication tools.

Obligations related to Communication

IEE contractors are required to indicate that their activities are financially supported by the European Union and release the Commission from any responsibility for the information they are providing. Instructions for displaying the correct legal disclaimer.

Projects also have to set up a website at the latest six months after the starting date of the action, and it must be accessible until at least two years after the end date of their activities. This project website has to be set up in accordance with the contractual provisions specified in the grant agreement. Guidance is available on how to get the best out of your website.

The visual identity

The European Commission introduced a single visual identity in order to have a recognisable image and a more coherent voice when communicating and to reduce costs. In this context, EU programmes should phase out their existing logos and no new logos will be created for upcoming programmes.

The names of programmes, such as Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE), shall be used as verbal brands, i.e. references to them will be made without a regulated visual mark or logo.
Beneficiaries of EU funding shall use the European emblem in their communication to acknowledge the support received under EU programmes, mentioning “Co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union” in their communication.

The EU emblem

The name of the EU programme can appear with the EU emblem. However, no graphical mark (i.e. logo) shall be created using the EU emblem and name of the programme. The minimum height of the EU emblem shall be 1 cm.

For Intelligent Energy Europe, two options are available. They can be downloaded below:



Slides and factsheet

Each project awarded funding has to produce a series of publishable slides and a factsheet describing the project .

Additional guidelines for communication tools

The following guides help you to systematically plan and carry out communication activities for your project: