Client-oriented project management support

Client-oriented project management support

The SME Instrument supports your business throughout the duration of the project. We provide you with a dedicated team of Project Officers that will monitor and help your business grow and accelerate. Here are some key features of our service:

1. Your Project Officer 

We believe that every project is important and we draw huge pride in ensuring excellent customer service by our team of expert Project Officers. Each new SME Instrument client can work directly with their own Project Officer who will be their main contact point for the whole duration of the project. Project Officers will be dedicated to help you through the process and make every step easier for you. Project coordinators can count on the support of their Project Officer for any questions regarding the project implementation;

2. Dedicated to your service

We know that working on getting an innovative project on the market is a challenging task and that innovators are often confronted with unforeseen situations and fast-evolving market conditions.

The Grant Agreement provisions contain an wealth of flexible measures to take account of possible changes and help you successfully implement the project, for example amendments, suspensions, extensions or other measures to accommodate your project’s new needs.

Project Coordinators can count on detailed technical advice: they will monitor the project implementation both technically and financially, to make sure the project delivers the expected results. The project coordinators can count on the advice and recommendations of experts who are contributing to the assessment of the periodic reports. 

3. Meeting you in person

We attach great importance in meeting you in person, to address any issue and work with you through the process, but also to get to know you and build a trustful and solid cooperation. You will have plenty of occasion to meet your Project Officer ranging from on-site visits to events like the Welcome Days or business acceleration service events. 

4. On-line resources (Participant Portal)

Tips for effective project management:

5. Business Acceleration Services & Communication

In addition to the grant management, your Project Officer is your gateway to the Business Acceleration Services. They can help channel you towards the right coaches, the most useful events and support you in related communication activities notably through EIC SME Instrument communication channels. To get started check the SME Instrument Communication Toolkit, connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter.

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