Call for experts on climate action, environment & resources management

Call for experts on climate action, environment & resources management

We are continuously looking for independent experts to act as peer reviewers in the evaluation of project proposals in the fields of climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials.

Experts in environmental and resources management are invited to register in the European Commission's database of experts. From this database EASME is selecting candidates with the most suitable profile for the following activities:

Profiles & expertise

The EU's Horizon 2020 programme follows a challenge-based approach bringing together resources and knowledge across different fields, technologies and disciplines. A wide range of expertise is thus required to evaluate competing project proposals.

We are in particular looking for experts from the following sectors…

  • Local, regional and national administration, including environmental and civil protection agencies,
  • Industry, business associations and innovation agencies,
  • Universities and research institutes.

…with expertise in at least one of the following fields:


Circular economy, systemic eco-innovation, resource efficiency


Climate services, climate change adaptation, climate resilience/urban resilience, low carbon pathways, decarbonisation pathways, mitigation pathways


Cultural heritage


Disaster risk management, resilient urban planning, land planning


Earth/ocean observation (in situ, remote sensing), polar observation systems, management of Earth observation data


Energy efficiency, energy recovery


Green infrastructure, nature-based solutions, insurance value of ecosystems (e.g. natural capital), urban/rural regeneration


Raw materials management, mining, forestry, processing, metallurgy, geology, mineralogy


Water management, industrial processes, water reuse

To get a better idea of the proposals to be evaluated, please have a look at the 2017 calls for proposals.We are also looking for experts who can provide expertise in the gender dimension of these fields.

The experts' working language is English; a good ability to write and discuss in English is an essential requirement.

Nature of the assignment

Expert evaluators are asked to examine,i.e. peer review, proposals against published criteria providing comments and scores which will form the bases of the European Commission's funding decision.

Projects are monitored and evaluated either remotely, i.e. at the expert's home or place of work, during 3 to 5 days over a period of two weeks, or in sessions of 3 to 5 days in Brussels. The next evaluations in the field of environment and resources are planned for spring 2017.

Once contracted, experts are entitled to a fee of EUR 450 for each full day actually worked and to the reimbursement of travel and subsistence expenses (in case evaluation meetings take place in Brussels). Remote evaluation work is reimbursed based on the number and type of proposals evaluated. For further details, please have a look at the Horizon 2020 Model Contract for Experts.

How to apply

If you are interested, please register in the European Commission database of independent experts.

For further advice on registering your profile, please read the FAQs and/or consult the IT manual.


  • evina.katsou@brunel.ac.uk's picture

    I have significant experience in the development and implementation of proposals, having participated in several National and European projects.

  • Lasse Leppanen's picture

    Made several EU funded projects in which press cake of palnts has been developed to foood ingredients. I have a Finnish patent to new kind of vertical wind turbine and PTC application is made

  • Enrique Ramos Fernandez's picture

    I have a lot experience in environmental science

  • Zeljko Cumbo's picture

    I have lot of experience in biomass sector specially in briquetting and pelleting production.

  • HASSAN EL BARI's picture

    I have lot of experience in waste management and Biogas sectors

  • Liliana Gligor's picture

    I have significant experience in water management and I worked in National Environment Guard, national authority in Romania. I also have signifiant experience in evaluation of projects.

  • chladag's picture

    If you wish to become an expert, please apply via this page http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/desktop/en/experts/inde...
    Agnieszka @EASME

  • PAOLA's picture

    I have been registered since 2015 and twice recommended by an Italian research organisation as evaluator for Horizon and COSME . My profile in ECAS is constantly updated (EX2013D164640). I have both international and local experience on the ground

  • paola's picture

    I have been registered since 2015 and have been twice recommended by an Italian National research organisation following the procedure set by the ECAS. I keep regularly updated my profile in ECAS (EX2013D164640). I have both international experience as researcher and by 2003 on the ground as public official and professional planner. My specific expertise is now on climate change and strategic planning, urban agenda, UIA.

  • Herve Alain Napi Wouapi's picture

    I have been registered as expert since 2016 (EX2016D279746). In my capacity as socio-environmentalist I have proven experience in climate change research and policy in Africa. In 2016, I was nominated as Focal point and associate translator of SDGs Academy – Sustainable Development Goals Academy Education Network for the State University of Dschang – http://www.sdgacademy.org
    I also double as Focal point of the Global Universities Partnership on Environment and Sustainability (GUPES, UNEP Training Unit network) for the State University of Dschang – http://www.unep.org/training/

    I earned three Certificates of Proficiency for Demonstrated Commitment to the Cause of Sustainable Development including Commitment to champion the cause Climate Change Science & Negotiations.

  • pedro g.a's picture

    Hello, I am the expert EX2016D293449 I think I can help in this and other similar matters, greetings and thanks

  • Ruth 's picture

    Please consider my profile below for any related topics EX2015D257100.
    Thanks in advance

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