Business acceleration support and coaching services

Business acceleration support and coaching services

Support to small companies under the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot goes far beyond a grant provision. The EIC offers several business acceleration services that help speed up the pace of your innovation. The intervention logic is to offer "smart money" - an equity-free grant and support services to help companies make the most of it.

That is why companies can benefit from:

  • Business innovation coaching;
  • Business support and acceleration services; 
  • Access to international trade fairs outside Europe.

Business innovation coaching

Business coaching is an important feature of the EIC pilot that singles it out compared to other SME funding schemes. If you are an SME benefiting from grant funding from the SME Instrument, FTI or FET-Open, we offer business coaching to help your business scale up and grow. Beneficiaries can receive up to 15 days of coaching (3 days under Phase 1 and 12 days under Phase2) under the SME instrument. SMEs taking part in FTI or FET-Open are offered up to 12 coaching-days. Coaches will help the beneficiaries to progress over the life cycle of their innovation, from idea to proof of concept, to first pilot application and finally upscaling and expansion. They will empower the SME to cope with challenges such as developing their strategy and organisation, identifying their market and improving ability to attract finance – read more on coaching under the SME Instrument here

Business support and acceleration services

The EIC pilot focusses on continuous improvement, networking, learning opportunities and facilitating access to business partners and investors. Being part of the programme offers you a life-long privileged access to our user-driven business acceleration services, customized to your needs. In addition, our services are - wherever suitable – closely linked to trade fairs or other business hot spots, so that you maximize time and efforts in your business development.

Here is an overview of the events and services planned for 2017-2018.  

Matchmaking with new business partners

Funded companies can participate in dedicated matching events with selected world-leading companies, corporates and procurers, as a distributor, client or supplier. They can also benefit from access to top European trade fairs and conferences such as Mobile World Congress, Smart City World ExpoEuropean Sustainable Energy week, and many others.

Privileged access to finance

This service includes liaison to venture-capital programs, invitations to exclusive investor gatherings and other opportunities to explore new ways of financing your business.

Interactive Academy

With various user driven physical and virtual learning events we stimulate an impactful exchange among funded companies and stakeholders and build up resources and skills. Our approach is based on peer2peer learning and ultimately will empower SMEs to face challenges on their growth path.

Being part of the EIC Community

Funded companies, coaches, partners and investors are invited to form part of the EIC business community - a platform to build networks and foster exchanges. In 2016, over 400 CEOs of SME Instrument companies met in Brussels for the SME Instrument Innovators Summit. It was not only the opportunity to meet peers, learn to pitch and try their ideas in front of a panel of investors, but to also attend participatory workshops.

How to participate

The business acceleration services are offered exclusively to funded companies. The services are accessible both during and after the project with no participation limit to events.

Check out the list of planned events in our events calendar.

The services are demand-driven and customized to best fit the needs of individual companies. The definition of these needs are part of the free support offered to beneficiaries by the Key Account Managers and coaches, through the Enterprise Europe Network. The implementation of the business acceleration services are done with the help of a partner consortium that helps us with the practical organisation of the services. As a company you may be contacted by one of the following partners in the framework of these services:

-  EurA AG

CatCap GmbH

JIC - South Moravian Innovation Center

Platinn Innovation Platform

The Oval Office

- YTKO Ltd

Overseas Trade Fairs

As part of the SME Instruments' support to commercialisation services, we invite you to participate in one of the 15 international Trade Fairs organised in 11 countries outside the European Union. We will support to prepare your visit, guide you and promote your business globally. 


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