A Blue Biotechnology Master for a Blue Career

A Blue Biotechnology Master for a Blue Career

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This action aims to create a second year of a Master degree named “Applied Blue Biotechnology Master II” entirely focused on blue biotechnologies and dedicated to their application particularly in the health, nutrition and aquaculture domains. This second year of the Master degree will host students with 4 years of higher education and will take place at the University of la Rochelle. The consortium gathers academic organisations and SMEs from France, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom as well as specific structures like the Apprenticeship Formation Unit and the Lifelong Training and Employability Department from the University of la Rochelle and the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions, in particular its Atlantic Arc Commission.

Applied Blue Biotechnology Master II students will receive academic and practical knowledge, in addition to soft and technical skills, to become efficient in for example the production, extraction, characterisation and evaluation of marine molecules with biological activities. The Master will also focus on developing communication, language and management skills to help the graduates with their careers as scientists.

The project includes innovative education and training : work-linked training will take place for at least six weeks and will combine practical approaches (working skills learning) on qualified material with the latest scientific knowledge. Each student will be associated to a project led by a blue biotechnology industrial partner, which will hos the apprentice or intern. Workers wanting to increase their knowledge or people seeking employment will also benefit from this training.

Skills assessments will be done through a specially-designed skill acquisition logbook. A winter study school will be organised including conferences and courses on Blue Biotechnology. A campaign on career opportunities in the Blue Biotechnology field and the importance of ocean resources will be organised for secondary school to higher education students.

This experimental project of European dimension is aimed at transferability from the outset. It will identify and expand good practices from each country involved and encourage mutual learning between European industries and academics in the Blue Biotechnology field.

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EASME/EMFF/2016/ - Blue Careers in Europe
Université de la Rochelle, France
Valbiotis (SME), France
Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe (CPMR), France
Catholic University of Valencia, Spain
University of Stirling, UK
Xanthella (SME), UK
Centro Interdisciplinar de Investigação Marinha e Ambiental (CIIMAR), Portugal
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