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The Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) has been set-up by the European Commission to manage on its behalf several EU programmes in the fields of SME support & innovation, environment, climate action, energy and maritime affairs.

EASME is in the process of updating some of the content on this website in light of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. If the site contains content that does not yet reflect the withdrawal of the United Kingdom, it is unintentional and will be addressed.

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  • 28/07/2020

    Achieving near Zero and Positive Energy Settlements using Advanced Energy Technology

    The ZERO-PLUS project has constructed four residential settlements using Advanced Energy Technology that will achieve near zero and positive energy.
  • 28/07/2020

    Summer in the city: green infrastructure to keep urban areas cool

    The last 5 years have been the hottest on record. Temperature records were broken in cities across Czechia, Spain, Germany, France, and Poland. Meanwhile, public health warnings were issued in Belgium, Italy, and Switzerland due to the intense warmth. The team at LIFE Tree Check has come up with several solutions that can help cities across central Europe cope when the heat is on.
  • 27/07/2020

    Supporting vulnerable households in tackling energy poverty

    Millions of Europeans continue to struggle to pay their energy bills and keep their homes at comfortable temperatures, resulting in negative effects on their health and wellbeing. The problems have been exacerbated during the Covid-19 pandemic, requiring people to stay at home for extended periods of time. Two projects funded by Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency are empowering households to take measures to save energy and improve their quality of life.
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