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SAFE report 2020
SAFE leaflet 2020
SME access to finance in the EU countries 2020
Results by business characteristics 2020
Results by country 2020
SBA Fact Sheets 2019
SBA Fact Sheets 2019
SME Performance Review 2019 - annual report with accompanying studies
Supporting documents for the final summary report on "Economic analysis of European competitiveness and integration 3" (MANUBASE-3)
The performance of the Single Market for goods after 25 years
Economic and legal analysis of the factors leading to a low rate of publication of public procurement opportunities in Germany
The economic impact of tourism in the European Union
Structural Reforms in France, 2013-2017
SBA Fact Sheets 2018
SME Performance Review 2018 - annual report with accompanying studies
TSA in Europe 2010
Structural reform in the Netherlands 2013-2018
Productivity differences in Hungary and mechanisms of TFP growth slowdown
Structural reforms in Italy, 2014-2017
Structural Reform in Germany, 2013-2017
Structural reforms in Spain
The role of the EU in global manufacturing value chains
Operational restrictions in the retail sector - study
SME Performance Review 2017 - annual report with accompanying studies
SBA Fact Sheets 2017
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