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Preliminary Market Consultation- GOVSATCOM Hub (s) - Questions and Answers
Corrigendum to the Call for proposals (302/G/GROW/SAT/19/11283)
Preliminary Market Consultation - GOVSATCOM Hub(s)
GENESIS – Galileo Innovative Space Service Solution
Summary Forward Budget for the action - Form B1 - B2
Call for proposals Copernicus, Galileo, GSA joint call for prizes 2019-2021 302/G/GROW/SAT/19/11283
Financial Statement - Form B5
Grant Agreement (mono-beneficiary)
Description of the action - Form B6
Declaration on Honour - Form B4
Grant Agreement (multi-beneficiary)
Galileo EWS Final Report GRALLE
Raw materials week 2018 - Copernicus for Raw Materials - Presentations
Questions and answers for the Copernicus Prizes 2019 and 2020 call 292/G/GRO/COPE/18/10554
Forms B1/B2 for the Copernicus Prizes 2019 and 2020 call 292/G/GRO/COPE/18/10554
Q & A for Framework service contract: Ecosystem support for Copernicus and the EU space policy
SECURITY ASPECT LETTER For Invitation to Tender No 723/PP/GRO/COPE/18/11071
Call for proposals - Copernicus Prizes 2019 and 2020
Copernicus evolution Guidance Document LC-SPACE-02-EO-2018 LC-SPACE-03-EO-2018
Technologies for European Non-Dependence and Competitiveness Guidance Document SPACE-10-TEC-2018
Strategic Research Cluster: Space Robotics Technologies Guidance Document SPACE-12-TEC-2018
Factsheet on EU Space Policy
Corrigendum to Call for proposals no. 275/G/GRO/COPE/17/10042
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