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ATEX Directives 94/9/EC and 2014/34/EU - ExNBG CLARIFICATION/DECISION SHEETS NOTED BY THE ATEX STANDING COMMITTEE (for Directive 94/9/EC) or ATEX WORKING GROUP (for Directive 2014/34/EU)
Directives communicated as completely transposed but against which the Commission proceeds with a formal infringement procedure for non-communication and the Member State has not notified new transposition measures to this respect (as of 10-12-2018)
New directives that must be transposed by 30-11-2019 (situation as of 31-01-2019)
New long overdue directives by December 2019 (directives due for more than two years not transposed by all Member States as of 10-12-2018)
Minutes of the Machinery Working Group - 1997 onwards
Position papers – Public consultation on the Evaluation of the Toy Safety Directive
Guidelines related to the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED)
Guide to the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU
List of Article 20 authorities
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC - Technical sheets for coordination vertical Recommendation for Use sheets (RfUs)
Consolidated minutes - Expert Working Group on Noise Emissions of Outdoor Equipment under Directive 2000/14/EC
GROW/E3 - PSC charter
Market surveillance authorities-Toy safety Directive
Minutes – Meeting of the Expert Group on textile names and labelling – 26 October 2018
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC establishing a framework for the setting of ecodesign requirements for energy-related products and its Implementing Regulations
Guidelines related to the Simple Pressure Vessels Directive 2014/29/EU (SPVD)
Implementation authorities–Toy safety Directive
RCD 2013/53/EU Guidelines - Guide to application of Directive 2013/53/EU on the harmonisation of the law of the Member STates relating to recreational craft and personal watercraft
Noise Body – Work Group of Notified Body’s 2000/14/EC - Recommendations for Use (RfU) sheets
Commission Staff Working Document SWD(2018)267 - Executive Summary of the Evaluation of the Aerosol Dispensers Directive
Commission Staff Working Document SWD(2018) 266 - Evaluation of the Aerosol Dispensers Directive
Guide to Application of Lifts Directive 2014/33/EU
Evaluation of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Report on the Application of the Council Directive on the approximation of the laws, regulations, and administrative provisions of the Member States concerning liability for defective products (85/374/EEC)
Supplementary Guidance on the LVD/EMCD/RED
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