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MDS 2017-2021 Second Stakholder Workshop 29.09.2022
Press Release - 3rd ERGP Stakeholders Forum - 30.09.2022
SME Assembly 2022 - programme
General Information
Report - Portugal
SME - Procurement Monitoring Report
Third ERGP Stakeholder Forum on 30 September (programme)
The first EU-wide dataspace at the service of citizens - OOTS factsheet
ERGP PL I (22) 6 Draft Work Programme 2023 public consultation
ERGP (22) PL I 7 Draft Medium-Term Strategy 2023-2025 PL I
ERGP 22nd Plenary meeting - Press Release
ERGP Report Analysis of Article 6 of the Regulation (EU) 2018/644 (Cross Border)
Formal Objection against “EN 12525:2000+A2:2010 Agricultural machinery - Front loaders – Safety”
Draft standardisation request to the European Committee for Standardisation and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation as regards products in support of Directive (EU) 2016/797 of the European Parliament and of the Council
EU SME Envoy - SME filter
Designing Legal Frameworks for Social Enterprises - Practical guidance for policy makers
Formal Objection against EN 62841-1:2015 and EN 62841-2-11:2016/A1:2020
Final Report: Study on the identification of references to mandatory standards and to other mandatory technical specifications in the EU legislation
Draft standardisation request amending Implementing Decision C(2021) 2406 of 14.4.2021
Final report: Study on the functions and effects of European standards and standardisation in the EU and EFTA Member States and Annexes
Privacy statement stakeholder workshop SMEI
ERGP (22) 4 ERGP Position Paper on the EC evaluation report adopted 26 April 2022
Privacy Statement - Calls for Data
Main Developments in the Postal Sector (2017-2021)
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