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Planned meetings of Medical Device Coordination Group (MDCG) and subgroups in 2020
The CND Nomenclature - background and general principles
The European Medical Device Nomenclature (EMDN) - the nomenclature of use in EUDAMED
Medical Devices Nomenclature
MDCG 2018-2 Future EU medical device nomenclature – Description of requirements
MIR additional Information form
New Manufacturer Incident Report Form - Additional MIR form piloting arrangements
Guidance on participation and piloting of the introduction of the revised manufacturer incident report (MIR) form and trend reporting forms
Nomenclature for patient harm
Additional Guidance on completing the additional fields in pilot Manufacturer Incident Report form
IVD related Event-type codes added to ISO/TS 19218-1
IVD related Evaluation codes added to ISO/TS 19218-2
Questions and Answers for the additional manufacturer incident report form pilot
2015 dates for the EU additional MIR pilot form webinar/teleconferences
Toolkit for users components list EU Vigilance Pilot on trending
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