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Workshop 3: Translating research and innovation into jobs and growth

Digital innovation in the market place: how can we win the race?

Innovation is widely considered a primary driver of economic growth. The new EU programme for research and innovation – Horizon2020 – is conceived to make a stronger push for innovation as contributor to growth and jobs in Europe. 

The workshop explored crucial ingredients of the innovation process focusing on model of valorisation R&I and commercialization of ICT innovation. It discussed how can organisations – governmental, industry, academic - turn ICT research results and innovation into competitiveness and growth in Europe; how to create a critical mass by combining resources and aligning national strategies towards an industrially-driven roadmap for research and innovation.

The morning session focused on models of transfer of research and innovation to the market. It emphasized the need for connectivity among the actors of innovation, combining ideas, financing and experienced people for bringing good ideas to the market; creating ecosystems of talents.

The afternoon session focused on the level of maturity needed for evolving ICT technologies to fill in the gap from research to product manufacturing. It emphasized the need for market understanding and given the huge network effects in ICT, innovation financing should create the conditions for getting adoption faster.

What happens now after the DAA?


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