Wlodzimierz Marcinski is the Digital Champion of Poland. He works for the development of the digital competences and for the advancement of digitalisation.

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He is an expert in the field of computer science and information society issues. Former negotiator of Polish membership in the European Union and deputy minister at the Ministry of Scientific Research and Information Technology.
He is also the founder and initiator of the Broad Alliance for Digital Skills in Poland.

Mr. Marcinski think that "entering the digital world is not a matter of brief infatuation. Digital technologies form a natural symbiosis with several spheres of human activity. We develop them and they in turn change our lives.  These relationships are permanent and will undoubtedly become even deeper.

It is worth remembering that digital skills are not limited to making friends easily, frequenting social networks, playing games, listening to music and finding online help with your homework. They also give you a chance to explore the world, develop interests, find an interesting job and fulfil your aims and aspirations.  Digital skills are skills for the future.

The future of the twenty-first century is inextricably linked with the development of information and communication technologies. However, our knowledge, skills and attitudes, or in other words, our competence, will translate into the level of effective and rational use we make from the potential of the digital world and how it will develop in the near future.”