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6 PhD students have been selected to attend the 11th International Nanotechnology conference on Communication and Cooperation (INC 11) in Japan. They will have the opportunity to experience the big picture of nano-electronics and nanotechnologies and the revolution they bring in smart mobility and robotics as well as discover more about the Japanese national-research-programmes.
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Organising a brokerage event is becoming a tradition in our unit. We challenge ourselves to keep our constituency informed of the opportunities in Horizon 2020 for research and innovation. Such an event offers an opportunity for potential partners to meet, network and prepare proposals.
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40 business cards received in two days. This is more than the average! My stay at SEMICON Taiwan was a great opportunity to develop relations with Taiwanese stakeholders – and explain to them that it is worth investing in Europe.
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"Smart Specialization: How to make it work for the Key Enabling Technologies at the example of Microelectronics" - a conference organised by DG Connect and the Austrian Federation of Industries in Villach (Austria), on 27th and 28th of May.
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Some afterthoughts following the Smart Systems Integration Brokerage event from 11-03-2014 held in Brussels at the Commission's headquarter – the Berlaymont
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I am very proud that the Commission adopted on 27 November 2013 the Report regarding the Second interim evaluation of the ARTEMIS and ENIAC Joint Technology Initiatives. This report appreciates the progress and achievements of the two joint undertakings ARTEMIS and ENIAC. The findings of the evaluation were very helpful in the elaboration of the proposed Council Regulation for the new Joint Undertaking ECSEL (i.e. combining ENIAC and ARTEMIS and bringing EPoSS on board).
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It is with both satisfaction and "great expectations" that I participated in the Stakeholder Engagement Forum (SEF) workshop held on 29.11.2013 in Instituto de Microelectrónica from Barcelona.
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On 2nd of October I took part in a very stimulating event organised by the five Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs): Clean Sky, Innovative Medicines Initiative, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen, ENIAC and ARTEMIS.
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In light of the economic crisis, the creation of ECSEL is a worthy public-private initiative and the improvements it will bring to Europe's competitiveness and indirectly to the EU citizens are going to be considerable.