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Have you ever thought about your safety riding through a long tunnel, a road next to a very steep slope or strolling through ancient temples? If so, we have good news for you. Thanks to a collaborative research effort in the EU-funded GENESI project, the monitoring of the "health" of structures such as bridges, dams, tunnels or any buildings has become more affordable and reliable.
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When we are in the car, plane or train we are normally too busy to wonder how they work. We cannot imagine that many aspects of our everyday life, like different means of transport or factory plants, health and energy facilities are actually made possible by the integration of electronic equipment called embedded systems.
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What is behind the words of Smart Factory and why is it lately so important and one of the top priority within the European policy? Only, on a global level, competitive European manufacturing industry can bring us to a stable European economy. There are currently several R&D projects supported by the EU 7th Framework programme, showing a big success in the research in order to support the development and innovation of the new enabling technologies for the EU manufacturing sector.
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Under the Factories of the Future initiative the Commission offers funding via its ICT Programme.The goal is to create a network of specialist centres that will work with software developers to make on-demand design and simulation services available to SMEs.