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Get to know all about the digital single market strategy in Greece. You can find specific information on digital indicators about societal, economic and business data in your country. Details of local events and activities promoted by the Commission will be updated here.
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Going local

Going Local | Greece

Going Local Greece brings the European Commission's representatives to your country, Greece to communicate on the Digital Single Market Strategy in the local context. Information on events, local representation teams, reports on progress, challenges and debates in the Greece on priority issues in this area will be updated here.

Country information - Greece

Greece has a high percentage of users that have access to 10 Mbps and a good percentage of users tha
Last updated on 26/10/2016 - 09:48

Broadband for All in Greece

For regions of Greece in which terrestrial internet access is not available, satellite broadband can
Last updated on 29/08/2016 - 10:10

Made in Greece

Greece could help turn its economy around – a tech and digital scene which is definitely heating up.
Last updated on 17/06/2015 - 10:33

Grand Coalition - Pledge of Women & Girls Go Digital in Greece

A broad coalition sets off in Europe seeking to enhance the digital skills of Greek women and their
Last updated on 17/06/2015 - 11:16
EU investments
EU investments

Data-Driven Bioeconomy

The data intensive target sector selected for the DataBio project is the Data-Driven Bioeconomy, focusing in production of best possible raw materials from agriculture, forestry and fishery/aquaculture for the bioeconomy industry to produce food, energy and biomaterials taking...

Transforming Transport

Big Data will have a profound economic and societal impact in the mobility and logistics sector, which is one of the most-used industries in the world contributing to approximately 15% of GDP. Big Data is expected to lead to 500 billion USD in value worldwide in the form of...

My Health - My Data

Issues of data subjects’ privacy and data security represent a crucial challenge in the biomedical sector more than in other industries. The current IT landscape in this field shows a myriad of isolated, locally hosted patient data repositories, managed by clinical centres...

Advanced Big Data Value Chain for Public Safety and Personal Security

AEGIS, brings together the data, the network & the technologies to create a curated, semantically enhanced, interlinked & multilingual repository for public & personal safety-related big data. It delivers a data-driven innovation that expands over multiple business sectors &...

BigDataOcean - Exploiting Ocean's of Data for Maritime Applications

The main objective of BigDataOcean is to enable maritime big data scenarios for EU-based companies, organisations and scientists, through a multi-segment platform that will combine data of different velocity, variety and volume under an inter-linked, trusted, multilingual...