Stéphanie Bacquere is the co-founder and the co-CEI of nod-A, a consulting-action agency specialising in collective innovation. She studied ICT, began her career at BNP Paribas, then in Information Technology consulting firms before founding in 2006 her own digital strategy agency, Elegangz Interactive. In 2007 she started promoting open innovation by bringing together working groups which experimented on concepts such as virtual worlds, Fablabs, new forms of video games, transforming museums, the internet of things as well as new ways of working through collaboration.

In 2010, she joined the circle of experts of the Open Innovation Commission of the European Union (OISPG). Stéphanie appears regularly in the media and in conferences, promoting open innovation culture. Stéphanie Bacquere enjoys developing hybrid concepts which question emerging technologies and collective intelligence. In these projects she will simultaneously take on the role of expert, facilitator, curator and producer.

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Tuesday, 23 May, 2017

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