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The Secretariat - Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs

The European Commission launched a series of practical initiatives to help fill the growing number of vacant ICT-related jobs across Europe, and to ensure that more people get the training needed to work in the digital economy. To assist in this process, on behalf of the Commision, DIGITALEUROPE managed the Secretariat of the Grand Coalition for 2 years, between February 2014 and February 2016.

The Secretariat brought together stakeholders from the demand and supply side committed to bridging the skills gaps. These constituencies include Member States, the Commission, industry, academia and NGOs. Over the two years, 14 organisations active in the IT, education and SME communities boosted the Commission’s programme through a five-pronged strategy for reducing the skills gap in Europe:

  • ICT & Training – promoting Europe-wide student placement programmes with ICT employers and working with existing ICT training providers to improve their offer to students;
  • Mobility – helping trained people from one part of Europe to be placed in suitable jobs elsewhere in the EU;
  • Certification – strengthening ICT professionalism and fostering recognition of ICT-related qualifications across EU member states;
  • Awareness – raising awareness of the Grand Coalition for Digital jobs;
  • New forms of ICT education – promoting the supply side for ICT jobs creation through more aligned educational schemes (e.g. MOOCS, closer links between education and careers) and stimulating structural change in educational systems.

The Secretariat focused on action and local implementation. It aimed at amplifying successful local and national programmes as well as initiatives and sought to export these to other parts of Europe. It built and promoted local coalitions to facilitate action towards enhanced digital skills at national, regional or local level.


Publications & Materials of the Secretariat of the Grand Coalition

Read additional information from the list of publications and materials that have been produced by the Secretariat of the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs.

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