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27 April 2017

Generation C- Childhood, Code and Creativity- A. Matwyshyn

Children today have a special relationship to technology, one that the law is unprepared to address. Four conflicting legal paradigms of childhood are visible among the four bodies of law that control digital spaces—those of contract, copyright, free spee ...

27 April 2017

ETIC Code of Conduct


27 April 2017

Follow-up panel 1 of the Inaugural Meeting: Mapping knowledge base

You are invited to start crowding sources in, and enrich our network of knowledge base.  The fields you can mention in your comment may include the name, the author, the publication date, some keywords, a link if any and the type- Data, Analytic, Research ...

27 April 2017

Follow-up panel 2 of the Inaugural meeting: Results on the vote on issues and sectors for attention

  Members of the CoP platform were invited to select cross-cutting issues and sectors in order to identify the next priority work packages for the Community. The votes are now closed- thank you very much for your input! The work of the Community will now ...

27 April 2017

Follow-up panel 3 of the Inaugural meeting: Success factors

You are invited to confirm or add elements, and provide views and comments on the set of identified success factors of self- and co-regulation activities, listed in the attached document. ...