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Rights & Principles protecting you in case of conflict

Protection in case of conflict

Everyone whose rights and freedoms that are guaranteed by European legislation have been violated has the right to an effective remedy before a tribunal.

Online consumers in the EU have the right to sue and to be sued in matters related to a consumer contract in a court where the consumer is domiciled if the trader is commercially or professionally active in, or directs such activities towards, the Member State of the consumer's domicile.

Consumers also have the possibility to resolve a dispute concerning an online transaction out of court through the intervention of alternative dispute resolution ('ADR') entities, where such entities exist.

For the settlement of disputes concerning payment transactions in particular, online consumers have access to the special out-of-court redress procedures that exist in all Member States.

In relation to the provision of electronic communications networks and services, consumers must have access to transparent, non-discriminatory, simple and inexpensive out-of-court procedures put at their disposal by Member States for dealing with unresolved disputes with the service providers and relating to the contractual conditions and/or performance of the contract.



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