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Regional and Bilateral Relations

Regional and bilateral relations focus on market access for European companies and on promoting a sound and transparent regulatory environment in all parts of the world that is as closely aligned to the European model as possible.

Regional and bilateral relations aim to achieve a global environment with fair and transparent rules for telecommunication regulation and where ICT companies can compete on a level playing field.
The Commission seeks to (1) promote a regulatory system that is close to and/or compatible with the EU legal framework, (2) act as first port of call for European ICT industry, (3) promote cooperation between the EU and third countries in the area of research and innovation in ICT.

In order to maintain and further develop regional and bilateral relations, Policy Dialogues are regularly held with EU's strategic partners, like the United States, Japan and the BRICS countries.

Activities and policy development in this area typically aim to:

  • strengthen the economic and industrial competitiveness of the EU ICT industry;
  • establish globally a favourable environment for European business and research with an increased focus on reciprocity;
  • improve market access conditions in the ICT sector in third countries;
  • promote the use of international standards and interoperability of technologies;
  • strengthen the EU's excellence and attractiveness in research and innovation;
  • tackle global societal challenges;
  • support the EU's external policies.

Activities are grouped according to the following geographical areas:

Activity implementation is usually carried out in close cooperation with various Commission services.

International Cooperation in ICT Research and Innovation

Regarding cooperation with third countries in Research and Innovation, the International Unit manages a number of FP7 projects listed below. Further international Research and Innovation activities in ICT will be launched as part of Horizon 2020, the EU's new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Coordination and Support Actions (CSAs)

AMERICAS Latin America
OpenChina-ICT Asia (China)
Picture EECA
IST-Africa 2012-2013 Africa
EuroAfrica-P8 Africa
ICT-KosEU Balkans

Specific Targeted Research projects (STREPS)

E-Agri Africa/China
TUCAN3G Latin America
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