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How does Corporate Social Responsibility affect workers? and consumers? How can we maximise shared value ? How can ICT tools help companies manage their CSR initaitives?

Issues to discuss

Recent analysis demonstrates the benefits of responsible business for their bottom line. What is the link between CSR and competitiveness? How can enterprises exploit this link, through market research, branding, communication or public procurement incentives?

Can social innovation be seen as an investment? How can a company respond to social needs in an innovative way, while creating added value for itself? How can a company promote an innovative offer that satisfies the demands of society? The discussion will analyse how .

Where do responsible Innovation and corporate social responisbility overlap? How do we combine respect for ethics and sustainability?

ICT tools enable transparency, accountability and powerful, immediate and interactive communication. How can they help CSR ?

Self- and Co-regulation actions help address the challenges of new technologies and hyper-connectivity. The Community of Practice (CoP)  was launched as a result of the EU Strategy 2011-2014 and works both through plenary meetings and online discussions. It aims to improve and promote the Principles for better self- and co-regulation.

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