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Action 95: Propose a directive setting out technical specifications for telematic applications for rail passenger services

The action aimed at the Commission to propose in 2011 a Directive setting out technical specifications for telematics applications for rail passenger services.

The European Commission's proposal for a Regulation on new railway interoperability was adopted in May 2011 (the instrument was changed from a Directive to a Regulation).

What is the problem? Railway ticketing services are not available across borders

There are still no applications for rail passengers to find updated information and ticketing services about trains across borders. To efficiently operate passenger trains across borders on the European rail network, information and ticketing services need to be interconnected.

Why is EU action needed? Complete the single market for rail passenger services

By setting out harmonised technical specifications, the EU could contribute to achieving a seamless rail passengers service market for all Europeans that travel by train. This would contribute to a much more efficient and connected transport system in Europe.

What has the European Commission done?

Following the publication of a draft Technical Specification for Interoperability with the support of experts from the railway sector and experts from national railway safety authorities in 2010, the Commission adopted a Commission Regulation as provided for in EU rules on new railway interoperability (Directive 2008/57/EC), in May 2011.

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