Action 94: Propose a directive for the deployment of e-Maritime services

What is the problem? European ports need to increase the efficiency and quality of their services

Maritime transport plays a key role for EU trade and prosperity but transport operators, EU ports and administrations in charge of various controls (safety, security customs, immigration, etc) are under pressure to increase the efficiency and quality of their services.

Why is EU action necessary? EU-wide online maritime services could boost trade

Using advanced information technologies for working and doing business in the maritime transport sector is a good solution to improve services and facing more and more socio-economic and environmental demands.

EU-wide online maritime services include:

  1. developing interoperable e-Maritime services
  2. deploying online maritime services and integrating them with other existing systems for paperless transactions
  3. demonstrating the potential benefits on maritime transport administrations, operators and business across Europe

What has the European Commission done so far?

Adopted Directive 2010/65/EU on reporting formalities for ships in October 2010; this  is an essential milestone for the use of e-maritime services. The Commission, supported by the European Maritime Safety Agency set up an expert group gathering the different users and administrations.

What will the European Commission do next?

Publish a Communication on EU e-Maritime.