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Action 93: Adopt the Air Traffic Management Solutions for (SESAR)

The action aims at the Commission to adopt the Air Traffic Management Solutions for the Single European Sky (SESAR) deployment strategy.

The European Commission's Communication on governance and incentive mechanisms for deployment of SESAR was adopted in September 2011.

What is the problem? The European air space is fragmented

The Single European Sky is an ambitious initiative to reform the architecture of European air traffic control to meet future capacity and safety needs. The Air Traffic Management Solutions for the Single European Sky (SESAR) will integrate air navigation services and supporting safety systems.

Why is EU action needed? A single EU-wide management system would benefit European air space

The SESAR project will modernize European air traffic control infrastructure. SESAR wants to develop a new air traffic management system capable of ensuring the safety and flexibility of air transport worldwide over the next 30 years.

What has the Commission done so far?

Development phase (2008-2013):

What will the Commission do next?

Deployment phase (2014-2020):

  • SESAR should become operational in the EU and in partner countries.
Under the motto "Intelligent Mobility - Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for sustainable transport of persons and goods in urban regions", this event will highlight the importance of bringing intelligent solutions not only to urban transport, but, more generally, to the interfaces and interchanges of urban and inter-urban networks. An exhibition will show the latest European achievements in ITS.
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