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Action 88: Create and implement an ambitious eCommission 2011-2015 action plan

The action aimed at leading by example on open and transparent eGovernment by creating in 2010 and implementing an ambitious eCommission 2011-2015 action plan, including full electronic procurement.

The European Commission's Communication on "e-Commission 2012-2015" was adopted in August 2012.

What is the problem?

The Commission as any other public administration must be more efficient, improve services, provide better accessibility to public services and offer more transparency to citizens.

Why the EU action is required? The Commission to lead by example

The Commission by the initiative wants to lead by example offering advanced services to its citizens.

What has the Commission done?

A Communication entitled "Delivering user-centric digital services" was adopted in August 2012. The Communication focuses on the following strategic goals:

  • User Centricity
  • Effectiveness and efficiency
  • Security and Privacy
  • Simplification and Proportionality
  • Transparency and accessibility
  • Openness
  • Reusability
  • Convergence

A vision for public services

In the context of "final reports", SPOCS is planning to consult Member States that are not participating in the SPOCS project, as well as industry stakeholders and standardization bodies, on the results of the project; in particular, to get views on whether others can see a use for them in future. Participants will be able to: - Get a preview of the final reports. - Discuss what the SPOCS solutions could deliver for them. - Collect ideas regarding sustainability and standardization. - Build strong relationships with those Member States/partners that will be part of the new pilot A project (as called for in the CIP ICT PSP WP 2012).
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