Action 85: Review the Public access to Environmental Information Directive

What is the problem? eEnvironment services should be reviewed and modernised

eEnvironment services, as a category of eGovernment services, are either still under-developed, or fragmented along national borders. Community law in this area should be reviewed and modernised.

Why the EU action is required? eGovernment services can mitigate the risk of climate change

eGovernment services offer a cost-effective route to better services for every citizen and business and participatory, open and transparent government. eGovernment services can reduce costs and save time for public administrations, citizens and businesses. They can also help mitigate the risks of climate change, natural and man-made hazards by including the sharing of environmental data and environment-related information.

What has the Commission done?

  • the Commission published a Report on the application of the Directive on public access to environmental information to the European Parliament and to the Council based on an analysis of national reports established by Member States.

What will the Commission do?

In 2013:

  • the Commission will deepen its analysis and propose amendments to the Directive if necessary. If such amendments do not appear to be necessary at this stage, the Commission will continue to monitor the application with a view of proposing amendments in the future.