Action 84: Support seamless cross-border eGovernment services in the single market

What is the problem? Lack of seamless, interoperable and sustainable eGovernment cross-border services.

eGovernment can support the further construction of the internal market by facilitating entrepreneurs to set up and run a business anywhere in Europe independently of their original location, and allowing citizens to study, work, reside and retire anywhere in the European Union through the delivery of seamless, interoperable and sustainable cross-border services.

Why the EU action is required? To support cross-border public services and facilitate mobility in the EU

The Commission supports the piloting of cross-border eGovernment services through the ICT Policy Support Programme under the CIP, in particular via Large Scale Pilots.

The Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations (ISA) programme is an important instrument that could analyse and suggest ways to ensure the sustainability of common services and generic tools developed and demonstrated in the Large Scale Pilots.

What has the Commission done?

By the end of 2010:

The eGovernment Action Plan 2011-2015 was adopted in December.

Ongoing Large Scale Pilot projects, e.g. STORK (eID), PEPPOL (eProcurement) started their piloting phase and SPOCS (Services Directive) was extended to bring on board new Member States. A new Large Scale Pilot on eJustice was launched.

In 2011:

The Commission continued to support the experience sharing and good practice exchange between running and new Large Scale Pilots.

The Commission launched studies to assess critical sustainability issues of the STORK and PEPPOL Large Scale Pilots.

The Commission launched a study to analyse the existing and future needs and cost benefit of cross-border eGovernment services and assess the organisational, legal, technical and semantic barriers.

In 2012:

The Commission facilitated an exchange of views with Member States to identify which new cross-border services could be piloted and which services could be rolled out in the Member States.

What will the Commission do?

In 2013:

The Commission plans to launch a new Large Scale Pilot on Basic Cross Sector Services. This Pilot will focus on all the building blocks developed by other Large Scale Pilots. It will consolidate building blocks for cross-border interoperability of public services that must be reusable by public authorities, business and citizens.

Extend the ongoing Large Scale Pilot on eJustice (eCodex), to bring on board additional Member States