Action 81: Issue recommendation on digital film

What is the problem? Supporting all stakeholders to take advantage of the transition to digital cinema

The digital revolution has the potential to increase the visibility and viewing of European films, but the sector is not yet fully exploiting this potential. We need an EU integrated approach to help the European film sector to adapt to the digital era.

Why is EU action needed? Promoting cultural diversity and creative content

The Recommendation on digital film will aim to cover three broad areas:

  • Challenges for the circulation of European films in cinemas
  • Challenges for the circulation of European films on online platforms
  • Challenges for preserving films in digital format for future generations and making them available online

DG CONNECT is in charge of the aspects related to the collection and preservation of cinema in digital format for future generations, as well as the projection of digitally-born or digitised film in cinematheques or art cinemas and its availability online. DG CONNECT is in charge, jointly with DG EAC, of the circulation of European films on online platforms

This action is closely related to other DAE actions, namely Action 2, 79 and 80.

What will the Commission do?

In the first half of 2013

The Commission will issue a proposal for a Council Recommendation on digital film, having Article 167 (Culture) of the TFEU as legal basis. This will initiate a dynamic and transparent process of bi-annual Member States' reporting and Commission assessment of progress. Exchanges of best practices will continue in the Digital Cinema and in the Film Heritage Expert Groups