Action 80: Propose measures to support cultural and creative industries.

What is the problem? Promote the potential on cultural and creative industries

The 2005 UNESCO Convention on cultural diversity (ratified by the EU in 2006), provides for the promotion and protection of cultural diversity across the world and applies equally to new digital environments.

In fact the new digital media can permit a wider distribution of cultural and creative content, because the reproduction is cheaper and quicker and creates more opportunities for authors and content providers to reach new and larger – even global - audiences.

The internet is also a driver of greater pluralism in the media, giving both access to a wider range of sources and points of view as well as the means for individuals – who might otherwise be denied the opportunity – to express themselves fully and openly.

Why is EU action required?

The Commission will propose measures in support and promotion of cultural and creative industries. By proposing such measures on a European scale new business models could be created, which would benefit the cultural industry creating a wider market and protecting the intellectual profit and related investments.

This action is closely related to other DAE actions, namely those related to the achievement of the Digital Single Market for content.

What has the Commission done?

  • Adopted a Communication - "Promoting cultural and creative sectors for growth and jobs in the EU" in September 2012.