Action 75: Give Europeans secure online access to their medical health data and achieve widespread telemedicine deployment

What is the problem? Sustainability of healthcare systems is at stake

Increasing demands from patients, a rising spread of chronic diseases, the impact of an ageing population, together with scarcer human and financial resources are putting sustainability of healthcare systems at risk.

Why is EU action needed? Patients' empowerment and deployment of telemedicine services are key to ensuring the sustainability of healthcare systems

Patients' access to their healthcare data increases empowerment, participation and responsibility, makes relationships with healthcare services more effective and enables mobility. As active players, patients gain in autonomy, quality and safety of care, and can improve their lifestyles.

Telemedicine services are crucial to taking better care of chronic diseases patients, including elderly patients and of people in remote areas and to respond to the shortage of healthcare professionals and lack of financial resources.

DAE action 75 will also contribute to the delivery of the European Innovation Partnership in the field of active and healthy ageing, proposed under the Innovation Union flagship.

Everybody will benefit

Citizens: have access to safer and better care with greater choice and new online services.

Health providers: are able to monitoring ambulatory patients more closely and use their time more efficiently

Health Authorities: by using telemedicine are able to use their resources more efficiently, while patients' having access to their records will lead to greater empowerment ensuring better care.

Industry: New markets for personal health & wellness management will emerge


What has the Commission done so far?

In 2012:

  • Used the large scale pilots "Renewing Health" and Thematic Network "MOMENTUM" to raise awareness of telemedicine benefits
  • Launched a call via the 2012 Work Programme to increase further deployment of telemedicine services in chronic disease management; the pilot project is currently under negotiation
  • Published a document on the applicability of existing EU legislation to telemedicine services.
  • Adopted a new eHealth Action plan 2012-2020, further addressing barriers to widespread telemedicine deployment

What will the Commission do next?

In 2013:

  • Ensure the progression of 2 pilot projects "SUSTAINS" and "PALANTE" – designed to equip Europeans with secure online access to their medical health data, involving over 20 regions in different Member States.
  • Launch a call under the 2013 Work Programme to implement widespread, real-life solutions for the treatment of mental disorders based on innovative telehealth services.