Action 67: Member States to implement provisions on disability

What is the problem ? People with disabilities face various problems accessing the web, emergency numbers and digital TV

Accessibility and usability can be serious problems for Europeans with disabilities.

It prevents them to fully participate in the information society. Beyond web accessibility, accessibility of electronic communications (notably the 112 emergency number) and audiovisual services (notably digital TV) is particularly relevant.

Why is EU Action required ? Preventing a digital divide

Improving ICT accessibility will help members of disadvantaged social groups to participate on an equal footing in the digital society and to have equal opportunities in terms of social interaction, employability, daily life and protection in case of emergencies.

What has the Commission done so far?

  • Member States were required to transpose the reformed Telecoms package into national law; the Commission continues to monitor and support this transposition.
  • The Commission issued a report on the implementation of the AVMS Directive (July 2012) and will monitor and support its implementation.

What will the Commission do?

  • The Commission will continue to benchmark e-accessibility.