Action 60: Increase participation of women in the ICT workforce

What is the problem ? Women are under-represented in the ICT sector

The number of young people studying and choosing careers in ICT is decreasing and is not keeping up with growing demand. Women are under-represented at all levels in the ICT sector, especially in decision-making positions..

Why is EU Action required ? We need to attract more women into ICT jobs

in order to realise full equal opportunities and to empower them to participate fully in the information society

What will the Commission do ?

  • Carry out a study to devise a policy toolkit. It will be based on the analysis of existing data, replicable best practices including the use of social media for advancing the field.
  • Organise a "Girls in ICT" event, in Brussels on April 25, 2013 in partnership with international organisations and other partners active in this field.