Action 46: Member States to develop national broadband plans

What is the problem? National broadband strategies are incomplete

Today, almost all Member States have a broadband strategy. Most of them focus on complete coverage for basic levels of broadband (i.e. adequate for email, routine surfing and administrative services). Very few of them set clear operational measures to achieve:

  • Real competition among broadband providers that would lead to affordable prices for consumers;
  • The roll-out of high-speed internet, both in terms of timing and funding.

Why is EU action required? Better national strategies to stimulate investment in broadband

Developing comprehensive national broadband strategies will help stimulate investment in fast internet access beyond current market levels. Ultra-fast internet will enable new services based on higher bandwidth needs to become available on a daily basis.

What has the Commission done up to now?

In March 2012, the Commission presented a Staff Working Document on national broadband plans. This summarised that state of play and provides a reference point to assist and co-ordinate national planning.