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Action 6: Protecting intellectual property rights online

The action aims at reporting by 2012 on the need for additional measures to reinforce the protection against persistent violations of intellectual property rights in the online environment.

The action develops on the basis of the review of the Directive on the enforcement of intellectual property rights, and the following extensive stakeholder dialogue; it is consistent with the guarantees provided in the Telecoms Framework and the fundamental rights on data protection and privacy.

A public consultation on the civil enforcement of intellectual property rights took place in 2013. Further consultations on copyright enforcement will take place in the context of Action 102 to assess whether specific action in this field is required.

What is the problem? Balancing owner and consumer rights on online copyright

The development of the digital economy is creating opportunities, but also new challenges in the area of protection of Intellectual Property Rights. We need to strike the right balance between protection of Intellectual Property Rights and the general public's access to content and knowledge as well as fundamental rights.

Why is EU action needed? To develop a digital single market in Europe

Legislation might not even be necessary. Online copyright infringements could be reduced should consumers have the opportunity to access content legally and at a reasonable price. Moreover, digital piracy could be tackled by enhancing cooperation among the different players in the creative content value chain, such as right-holders and intermediaries.

What has the Commission done so far?

In 2013, the Commission carried out an interactive online consultation on the civil enforcement of intellectual property rights and gathered the views of 282 respondents - including companies, citizens, professionals and business organisations. The consultation focused on the importance of intellectual property rights and the impact of their infringement.

What will the Commission do next?

In 2014, the Commission will decide how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of enforcement while underpinning its legitimacy in the wider context of the copyright reform.

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