Action 6: Protecting intellectual property rights online

What is the problem? Balancing copyright owner and consumer rights online

The development of the digital economy is creating opportunities, but also new challenges in the area of protection of Intellectual Property Rights. We need to strike the right balance between protection of Intellectual Property Rights and the general public's access to content and knowledge as well as fundamental rights.

Why is EU action needed? To develop the EU's digital single market

The Commission has committed to explore how to improve the legitimacy of enforcement in the context of wider copyright reform.[align with DAE review wording]. Legislation might not even be necessary. Mass copyright infringements in the internet could be reduced if consumers have the possibility to access content legally and at a reasonable price. Moreover, piracy could be tackled through better cooperation among the different players in the creative content value chain, such as right-holders and intermediaries.

What will the Commission do?

In 2013:

The Commission will provide an assessment based particularly on the public consultation on the civil enforcement of intellectual property rights launched in November 2012.