Action 20: Investigate the cost of non-Europe in the telecoms market

Why is EU action required? Reinforce Telecoms Single Market

Tackling market and regulatory fragmentation at EU level and building a fully-fledged Single Market for electronic communications is one of the main goals of the Digital Agenda.

What are the main findings of the investigation into the cost of non-Europe in telecoms??

On 27 February 2012, the Commission released the results of a one year investigation into the cost of non-Europe in electronic communications conducted by a team of international consultants and academics.

The findings show that the annual gains which would result from the building of a fully-fledged internal market amount to up to 0.9% of GDP, or up to 110 billion Euros, per year. These gains could be achieved by means of easier entries on more competitive markets and through a better exploitation of economies of scale.

The main obstacles to the single market which have been identified are the lack of EU standards for interoperability, the heterogeneity in the implementation of EU telecoms rules and the current design of the institutional arrangements which support the functioning of market regulation at national and EU levels

What will the Commission do next?

In the face of these findings, and considering as well that Europe's global competitiveness increasingly depends on its ability to tap into the potential of its single market for electronic communication networks and services, the Commission will publicly engage in 2013 with stakeholders as the ways to move forward.