Action 19: Spectrum Policy plan

What is the problem? Not all electronic devices work across the EU

The management of radio spectrum in the EU remains an area of Member State competence - one reason why some electronic devices may not work everywhere in the EU. However, this is a pre-condition for the development of pan-EU services enabling better quality of life for EU citizens and more growth and jobs in the EU internal market.

Why is the EU action required? Common EU radio waves

In order to make sure that all EU citizens benefit from wireless innovations, radio waves for electronic devices must be common across the EU. Consumers and businesses already benefit from harmonised spectrum usage for many products and applications, such as GSM or Wi-Fi. By implementing the Radio Spectrum Policy Programme (RSPP), the EU can further support consumers and businesses in using and developing cross-border services to benefit from the Single Market. Moreover, global competition is growing in terms of wireless equipment, so spectrum coordination at EU level is increasingly urgent.

What will the Commission do?

In the framework of the RSPP, the European Commission is working towards the harmonisation of spectrum management rules and is pursuing a targeted action plan focussing on the development of wireless communication networks and services for the benefit of EU consumers and businesses.

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