Action 15: Consult the stakeholders on collective redress

What is the problem? Giving EU consumers to access to "collective redress"

Illegal online behaviour by a single trader can seriously damage the interests of a large number of consumers. But enforcement of rights in the digital environment can be difficult for consumers. Uncertainty and perceived difficulty to access redress is an important factor undermining confidence in electronic commerce. Mechanisms of "collective redress" could be considered to remedy the shortcomings of the current situation.

However, the majority of stakeholders underline the fact that, until more consensus is reached on the remit of the issues and the solutions to be proposed, regulating this field is not appropriate.

This action is related to the initiative on Alternative Dispute Resolution (Action 14).

What has the Commission done so far?

After analysing the results of the public consultation which took place in the beginning of 2011, the Commission decided that it was premature to start policy intervention in this field.