What is the problem? A lack of internal market in telecoms services

The differences in national mobile charges and roaming charges illustrate the lack of internal market in telecoms services. There should be no difference between the costs of providing roaming services and domestic mobile services. There is no justification in a competitive market for charging customers considerably higher prices for roaming services.

Why is EU action necessary?

All Europeans need to benefit from an internal market for roaming. One of the Commission’s priorities is to create an internal market for roaming services and eliminate the excessive charges.

What has the European Commission done so far and what are the next steps?

In 2012:

  • Completed the legislative process with the Council and the EP so that the revised Regulation entered into force as of 1 July 2012.
  • Adopted detailed technical implementation rules for the separate sale of regulated retail roaming services.
  • Work, together with BEREC, on implementing provisions that stems from the newly proposed rules (wholesale access, facility for separate sale of roaming services).

In 2013:

  • Establish a cooperation platform for the implementation of decoupling obligation, so that separate sale of roaming services is made possible by 1 July 2014 in a coordinated manner