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Action 1: Simplifying pan-European licensing for online works

The action aims at simplifying copyright clearance, management and cross-border licensing by enhancing the governance, transparency and pan-European licensing for online rights management by proposing a framework Directive on collective rights management by 2010.

The proposal for a Directive on collective management of copyright and related rights and multi-territorial licensing was adopted by the European Commission on 11 July 2012.

What is the problem? Legal online use of creative content, especially films, is tough in Europe!

Online platforms are an easy way to distribute and exchange creative content: music, films, pictures and more. Consumers have high expectations – they want to access content of their choice anytime and on a range of devices. Europe, however, still lacks unified market for online content. It can be difficult, for example, for a Maltese consumer to download or stream from a German website.

Why is EU action needed? Consumers and creators both lose out

Consumers are not allowed access to diverse European content, and creators are losing revenue because of the illegal markets which spring up to bridge the gaps.

Often, the difficulties with accessing content online are due to licensing issues. Industry-led changes combined with the improvement of legal framework will enable innovative and consumer-friendly content distribution across Europe.

The Commission proposed legislation on collective rights management in July 2012 and it works with the European Parliament and the Council to ensure its swift adoption. A structured stakeholder dialogue "Licences for Europe" took place in 2013 with the objective of identifying practical industry-led solutions to ensure that copyright management stays fit for purpose in the digital world.

What will the Commission do in 2014?

The Commission will complete its on-going review of the EU copyright framework, based on market studies and impact assessment and legal drafting work. The aim is to reach a decision in 2014 on whether to table the resulting legislative reform proposals.

Progress Report
Status: Completed Lorena BOIX-ALONSO Lorena BOIX-ALONSO