What is the problem? Legal online use of music or films is tough in Europe!

Online platforms are an easy way to distribute and exchange all kinds of content: music, films, pictures and more. Consumers have high expectations – they want to access content of their choice anytime and on a range of devices. But Europe lacks a unified market for online content. It can be difficult for example, for a Maltese consumer to download from a German website.

Why is EU action needed? Consumers and authors both lose out

Consumers do not have access to diverse European content, and authors are losing revenue because of the illegal markets which spring up to bridge the gaps.

Often, the difficulties with accessing content online are due to licensing issues. Efficient collective rights management will enable innovative and consumer-friendly content distribution across Europe.

The Commission proposed legislation on collective rights management in July 2012.

What will the Commission do?

In 2013

The Commission will work with the European Parliament and the Council to ensure swift adoption of the proposed legislation.