Peter Pellegrini is the Digital Champion of Slovakia. He is the Deputy Prime Minister for Investment of Slovakia, and his priorities are to bridge between the public and the expert community to improve the conditions of every citizens' life.


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The School Dance links digital skills with dance

Peter Pellegrini is the Deputy Prime Minister for Investments.

As the Digital Champion for Slovakia I will primarily focus on ensuring that this position is perceived as a bridge between the public and expert community to facilitate implementation of ideas and creation of conditions to improve citizens’ everyday life. My personal ambition from the position I held as Digital Champion is to put the objectives of Digital Single Market in real life and bring measurable objectives for Slovak citizens.

In 2012 Mr Pellegrini initiated the School Dance project, which is a unique project that connects basic principles such as creating a team, recording a dance video and making interactive posters. In total 300 schools and kindergartens participated and were over 800,000 page views.

The goal with the School Dance project is to create a generation of young people that are creative, skilled in the field of ICT and well prepared for future employment. And at the same time they are having fun!

Peter Pellegrini on the School Dance

In this video Peter Pellegrini presents the School Dance, as well as how modern technology in schools allow all students to acquire digital skills. The video was shown at the Digital Champion meeting in June 2013.