One objective of this website is to Inform people about the Digital Single Market (DSM). The metrics which we use for this are traffic and newsletter subscriptions. In 2016 the website was accessed by 13,000 people (unique browsers) every day. The newsletters are sent to nearly 200,000 subscribers (unique email addresses).

Long-term impact of Digital Single Market (DSM) website

Evolution of the traffic on the Digital Agenda for Europe website for the last 3 years

The basic metric used is "Unique Browser", also called "Unique Visitor". The number of Unique Browsers connected to a website can be reasonably associated with the number real people visiting it.

What people searched for (March 2016)


Website readership

The Digital Single Market (DSM) website was launched on 25 February. Since then It has been visited by 12,613 unique browsers / day (median); yearly maximum 18,748 and yearly minimum 1,330 of unique browsers.

The relative drop in March is due to exceptionally high traffic in February, related to the Digital4EU event. March traffic was affected by Easter holidays and possibly by the attacks in Brussels.

The DAE site was visited by 12,253 unique browsers per day in 2015 (daily median/year); yearly maximum 22,832;  minimum 4,378.

Newsletter subscriptions

Newsletters are sent to 199,697 different emails. 2016 target is 230,000, i.e. 2015 target + 20%, based on 3,200 new monthly subscriptions vs. 60 monthly cancellations in 2015.

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9 May 2017
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