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Non-legislative measures to facilitate re-use

The European Commission works to overcome the barriers limiting the re-use of public sector information also through non-legislative measures.

In addition to EU legislation, the Commission also:

Last updated on 25/01/2017 - 15:25


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Roberto VIOLA
On both sides of the Atlantic, we are in regular dialogues. These are important, but what we also need is more collaboration and joint efforts. Collaboration brings scale, standards, and progress.
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Beatrice COVASSI
We have all heard of the importance of "open" data, data that is published and made available to be re-used by others with as few restrictions as possible. But how can we access it?
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Nikolaos ISARIS
"Citadel on the Move" offers an online platform which allows citizens to use Open Data provided by their cities to develop mobile applications
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