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The Digital Single Market aims to create the right environment and conditions for digital networks and services to flourish by providing high-speed, secure and trustworthy infrastructures and services supported by the right regulatory conditions.

Innovative digital services need the right environment to thrive. The Commission will create the right conditions for advanced infrastructures, proper regulatory conditions for investment in digital networks, ensuring a level playing field between market players and improving the foundations of Europe's digital economy.

In particular, the Commission will:

Overhaul of the telecom rules

The Commission will present proposals to improve the telecoms regulatory framework to:

Review the audiovisual media framework for the 21st century

Europe's Audiovisual media rules need to be fit for the 21st Century. The review will focus on the roles of different market players in the promotion of European works, and it will consider how to adapt the existing rules (the Audiovisual Media Services Directive) to new business models for content distribution.

Comprehensively analyse the role of online platforms

Online platforms play an ever more central role in the market. The Commission will assess their role, looking in particular at issues of transparency, use of information (i.e. the right to be forgotten) relationships between platforms and suppliers, and how to tackle illegal content on the internet.

Reinforcing trust and security in digital services and in the handling of personal data

The new EU Data protection rules, which entered into force in May 2016, are the basis for a review of the e-Privacy directive.

Propose a partnership with industry on cybersecurity

On 5 July 2016 the European Commission announced the launch of a contractual Public-Private Partnership on cybersecurity. The aim of the partnership is to foster cooperation at early stages of the research and innovation process and to build cybersecurity solutions for various sectors, such as energy, health, transport and finance. The EU will invest up to €450 million in this partnership, under its research and innovation programme Horizon 2020. Cybersecurity market players, represented by European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO), are expected to invest three times more.

See the Commission priority on the Digital Single Market.

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Roberto VIOLA
2016 is when many elements of our DSM strategy will get going. This is a year where we move into delivery mode, with many proposals and legislative initiatives ahead. Debates, results of consultations, and policy proposals.
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Roberto VIOLA
Today is my first day as Director General of DG CONNECT.
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