Do you think you have what it takes to be a radio star? Then Spreaker is the app for you. A group of friends from Bologna have taken their love of music, new technologies and social media and turned them into a web startup venture that has already won over 3.3 million users.

Spreaker allows anyone to create their own audio content and then broadcast it on the web or on Apple and Android mobile devices. Users can be part of a rich community broadcasting thousands of shows, tracks, and playlists: they can listen to rising talents, or upload their own creations to share easily with blogs, sites, and social networks. There is even a professional mixing console available for talents to create their own mixes of voice, music and sound effects.

The potential of the app became evident when it won the Startup Cup Bologna prize and received support from the University of Bologna incubator, AlmaCube. A crucial turning point for the startup was when it received funding from Italian Angels for Growth, the biggest association of business angels in Italy. “They were really the first to believe in us” says Francesco Baschieri, Spreaker co-founder and CEO. “I would say to young people to never give up on following their dreams and that a successful future in digital is within reach, even when economic times are difficult.” With a deal just signed with iHeartRadio, the streaming platform of Clear Channel, and offices in New York, Spreaker has definitely proven that to be so.

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