Whenever we visit a new city, we always want to find that perfect restaurant, that little café that is off the beaten track and maybe a quirky event or museum to visit.

Sometimes even our own city has hidden treasures. The Greek digital media startup Daily Secret is helping users find the best-kept secrets of some of the world’s most exciting capitals and cities thanks to a daily e-newsletter sent through its web service.

It has already grown a global community of some 1.8 million subscribers who share and connect to find the very best more than 40 cities have to offer. The insider guide to each city is provided by a curated network of correspondents who write in their local language, “stories narrated about exciting cities by people who are proud to live in them” says Daily Secret founder Nikos Kakavoulis.

Currently with teams in Athens and New York, Daily Secret aims to expand to 15 more markets by 2015. Helped along the way by international investors and mentoring from Endeavour, the company now wants to give something back and is offering free publicity and advertising to high potential startups located wherever an edition of the Daily Secret newsletter can be found.

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